Stories of Strength
Quinter's Hope With Clean Water

Quinter understands the challenges of surviving in an arid region all too well.

As a devoted mother and an active member of a women's micro-finance group in Kenya, she and her family have faced devastating trials brought about by drought. Dwindling resources and vanishing vegetation have turned their quest for water into a grueling journey.

"Our walk for water was getting longer with each passing day because of the drought," Quinter recalls.

Quinter shared with us that she once raised sheep, but the relentless drought forced her to stop. Purchasing water is expensive as is, so she often had to mix any water she could find with ash to separate out the cleaner water from the dirt.
However, ever since a water borehole was drilled at her community center, this source of life has transformed Quinter's world.

"With water, we are now able to get our food, and we are saving a lot of time," she shared. Now, Quinter can take her children to school and head to the local market to sell kales, a small business that provides a glimmer of hope in the face of adversity.

With her community's newfound access to clean water, Quinter can nurture her dream of a greener and more prosperous community, alongside our innovative agricultural solutions. Quinter told us, "I have a dream that one day our community will be greener with this water".

The income generated from the water project isn't just a lifeline; it's an investment in their children's education, a vital step towards a brighter future.
Quinter's story, like those of the fellow women in the her micro-finance group, is a testament to resilience and hope. They are turning the tide in Machakos County, one drop of water at a time, nurturing their dreams and the promise of a greener, more prosperous future for all.

Join us in cultivating a more vibrant future through water and agriculture for women just like Quinter.