We believe in the power of storytelling. Our films tell the stories of the incredible individuals and communities who we work with in East Africa, and the impact of clean water and sustainable agriculture on their lives.

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The Water Between Us (2023)

Amidst the heart-wrenching realities of climate change, hope perseveres in East Africa. "The Water Between Us" delves into personal stories of resilience, showcasing how Pascalina, a student from Kenya, and Naomi, a Maasai mother of 5, have found empowerment through access to clean water and flourishing agriculture.

The Women of Kibera (2022)

The Women of Kibera follows Veronica, a loving mother, small-business owner, and member of the Kipawa Group—an all-female financial-lending group. Veronica is a testament to the intrinsic power women hold, showcasing how access to clean water and determination can shape economic empowerment in her community.

A Mother's Wish (2021)

Witness the power of water independence through the eyes of Margaret, a mother and teacher, from the Leshuta Cooperative in Narok County, Kenya. Margaret shares how important it is for women and children to have access to clean water - for health, for education, and for life-long prosperity.

All My Dreams (2020)

All My Dreams is a short film that tells the heart-felt story of Irene and the young Maasai girls of Soila in Suswa, Kenya. Due to the changing climate and lack of access to clean water, the Soila girls had to ration water - 1 bucket of water per girl for washing, drinking, and bathing. The film shares the girls' reality and daily struggle with water as well as their inspiring dreams and hopes for a brighter future.

Sisters of Umoja (2019)

Sisters of Umoja is a moving short film about the transformative powers of water and agriculture within the matriarchal society of Umoja, Kenya. Become immersed in East Africa’s first ever women's only village and learn their story of strength, determination, and prosperity. 

Our Children: Twana Twitu (2018)

Orphaned by HIV/AIDS, these children of Mwingi, Kenya were forsaken, refused homes and turned away. A local group of women, however, stood their ground, opened their hearts, and held out their hands. Watch as a community once segregated by such stigma learns to redefine what it means to be family.

A Drop of Life (2017)

Agrippina stood at a crossroads - education, or tending to her mother ailing of AIDs. The life of this 10 year old girl in the slums of Nairobi is changed forever when a WMO2H greenhouse allows a community to raise funds to send her to school. 

Driving Hope (2016)

In Driving Hope, we take a heartfelt journey to four different WMO2H partner communities, getting a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of each program. Each site is rooted in strength, safety and security, teaching us that just two hands can change the world. The film shares how the specific needs of each site have been met, with powerful stories of individuals along the way.

Maasai Daughters (2015)

Maasai Daughters is a documentary about the lives of three girls and the women who rescued them from retrogressive cultural practices in their own Maasai community at the AIC Girls School and Rescue Center in Kajiado, Kenya. It is an intimate portrait of these women as they sacrifice everything to make a stand against female genital mutilation and early forced marriage happening within their own culture.

The Kids of Kekopey (2014)

Every child at the St Ann’s Children Home in Kekopey, Kenya comes from a different background and has experienced different hardships throughout their life. This is the story of WMO2H working together with St. Ann’s to help provide these children a new home and new water-independence.