Clean Water and Food Change Everything

  • Health

    Clean water is the first line of defense - it prevents water-borne diseases and improves health and hygiene. Water also sustains livestock and crops, allowing entire communities to have stable livelihoods and food sources.

  • Education

    Clean water helps keep children in school, especially young girls who are often responsible for collecting water. More time spent in the classroom means a brighter future for boys and girls.

  • Environment

    Access to clean water and climate-smart regenerative agriculture help protect livelihoods and communities from the impacts of climate change and environmental shocks and degradation. We strengthen human-climate relationships by utilizing regenerative agriculture techniques, conserving water, and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Income

    Savings and surplus sales from water and agriculture translate to income generation. These added revenue streams give communities decision making power in their budget and allow them to invest in their next income generating project.

  • Equity

    Access to a reliable water source alleviates multiple burdens for women and girls, giving women time to stay in school, pursue income-generating activities, and increase overall health and wellness.

  • Opportunity

    Water and regenerative agriculture provide a platform for our WASH and Agribusiness training. These programs provide future generations with new skills and expertise, allowing communities to establish income-generating opportunities.

One water project can
benefit over 4,000 people.
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