Our Impact

Creating intergenerational change.

Tangible, concrete and instant

You can see the clean water flowing from our water projects and you can see the healthy food growing in our small-scale farming projects. Children attend school and adults have more time to seek employment. Women and girls are relieved of the strenuous walk for water. The impact of our programs lasts a lifetime. The water continues to flow, the food continues to grow, income continues to multiply, and lives are forever changed, long after our initial investment.

360-holistic approach

Our program model is a 360-holistic approach addressing poverty and gender inequality. We collaborate with in-country experts to implement, measure impact, and support communities from the ground up. We then work within the communities, listen to their needs and build capacity to sustain projects long-term.

Environment in mind

We work at the cross-section of human services and the environment. Our regenerative agriculture solutions enable communities to have the resources and training to maintain climate-friendly ecosystems while they grow their own food. Our solutions absorb and draw down carbon in the atmosphere to help mitigate climate change.

  • 59
    communities impacted
  • 137,210
    lives reached
  • 46
    clean water solutions implemented
  • 52
    agriculture solutions implemented

We use visual storytelling to convey our impact and share the voices of our community partners with global audiences.
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One water project can
benefit over 4,000 people.
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