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The climate crisis in Kenya

Right now, all across East Africa, climate change is threatening the livelihoods of millions. Relentless drought has left farmers' land cracked and barren, depleting lush greens and blues.

Scarce resources, like dried up ponds and rivers, and degraded soil have increased women and girls' daily search for water, all while exasperating their food supply.

Together, we're painting vibrant communities

We're on a mission to bring our clean water and regenerative agriculture solutions to hundreds of thousands of more people and breathe life back into these arid landscapes - painting vibrant shades that transform into growth, prosperity, and renewal.

"Water is the source of life; with water we are now able to get our food and we are saving a lot of time. I have a dream that one day our community will be greener with this water. The income we have generated will also support us because we shall use it in education.”

Quinter from Kajiado, Kenya
WMO2H Water Beneficiary

"We are happy because now that get to use clean water, we don’t fall sick. When we go pick fruits from the garden and eat, we know we’ll have good health because those fruits that we’ve eaten are also healthy. If we want to eat spinach, we go to the farm, harvest and eat our kales. We're able to eat and develop and grow.”

Pascalina from Samburu, Kenya
WMO2H Water Beneficiary

This holiday season, join us in our effort to rejuvenate arid lands into lush landscapes