Stories of Strength
Unlocking Peace in a Dire Area

In Northern Samburu County, Kenya, in the most remote and challenging areas we've ever worked, we've achieved a significant milestoneā€”successfully striking water at two large communities! This achievement marks a pivotal moment for a region that has long grappled with the severe scarcity of safe water.

For years, the women and children in this remote region have endured the hardships of an arid landscape, where livestock perishes, and communities face the constant challenge of accessing clean water. The dire situation had fueled conflicts and tensions as the community fought for essential water resources.
Together, we've achieved a breakthrough. Clean, life-giving water is now flowing into this arid landscape, bringing hope to over 11,000 women, men, and children.

This vibrant milestone isn't just about providing water; it's a transformational force. Families will no longer have to consume contaminated water, children won't have to embark on long journeys to fetch water, and women can redirect their focus towards building brighter futures instead of struggling for survival.

Witness the impact firsthand by watching
this YouTube clip showcasing the inspiring drilling and pump-testing in action. Thank you for being an integral part of a more vibrant future for over 11,000 people.