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Unveiling Impact at St. Lucy School

Two years ago, With My Own Two Hands joyously celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony at St. Lucy School for the Visually Impaired, a compassionate center housing over 400 children in Meru, Kenya, diligently led by an incredible group of devoted sisters and nuns.

This momentous event marked the inauguration of a remarkable two-tank, solar-powered water borehole project, generously funded by Weber, Christensen, & Heinrichs, LLP (WCH).
Our dedicated team live-streamed the entire event, allowing WCH to tune in from California and share in the excitement. The celebration included heartfelt speeches, virtual tours, and the symbolic ribbon-cutting, all in honor of the transformative power of clean water and the commencement of its positive impact.

The St. Lucy Water Committee spent time expressing their gratitude. Their school administrator, Sister Judith, and two of the school's students spoke powerfully about how this new clean water project would unite their community and free them from the burden of walking over 6 miles to fetch water.
Now, two years later, the impact on this community has been profound. Sister Judith joyfully shared,"The reliable access to water has allowed our school to provide clean water to the students for drinking and daily chores."

With access to clean water, the school's vegetable crops have also flourished over the past two years. In the first few months of 2023 alone, they achieved impressive harvests, including over 3,300 pounds of black-eyed peas and over 550 pounds of carrots. Sister Judith shared,
"Moreover, we can now cultivate sufficient vegetables and legumes to improve the students' health and nutrition. Thank you, WMO2H, for your unwavering support."

However, the positive impact of this water project extends beyond improved health and nutrition. To support their community and generate an income, the school was able to sell their surplus water and produce, generating over 50,000 Kenyan shillings in just a few months.

A remarkable 60% of these water and agriculture sales have been reinvested into education, further fostering empowerment and success among the 400 children at the center.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our 10th Annual Film Gala's diamond sponsors, Weber, Christensen & Heinrichs, LLP, whose support made this incredible impact possible. We also extend our thanks to all the other film gala sponsors who are joining us in creating more meaningful impacts like this.

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