Stories of Strength
Regina's Journey to Abundance

Last year, in the heart of Machakos County, we met a resilient mother of four named Regina. She opened up to our team about the daunting challenges posed by the arid Kenyan landscape, where water and food scarcity casted a shadow over her daily life. 

Reflecting on her life, she remarked, "I’ve witnessed the transformation of the land that I call home. Each passing year, it grows drier and drier, leaving us hungry.” Despite this harsh reality, Regina rises every day with determination, tending to her children's needs with love while diligently managing her clothing business.

Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, she cannot ignore the harsh reality of environmental degradation unfolding around her—dry rivers and dwindling livestock push families like hers to the brink of survival.
Our team knew that we must do everything we can to bring clean water to Regina and the other members of her women empowerment group—and that’s just what happened. After time of meticulous planning and community buy-in sessions, we successfully struck water, providing access to this life-saving resource for 6,500 people.

With an infectious smile lighting up her face, Regina joyfully updated us, “Now, with clean water available, we are healthy. We have been able to cultivate nutritious crops, ensuring my children have a healthier diet and a brighter future.”
No longer does Regina have to trek miles for water; now, it flows freely from the group’s solar-powered kiosk taps. Most importantly, the clean water has brought a sense of empowerment to Regina and her fellow group members. With the proceeds from selling water, Regina has been able to send her children to school, opening doors to a future of opportunity.

Most recently, our in-country team implemented our regenerative agriculture programming alongside their group, fostering two acres of climate-resilient, flourishing farms. Sprouting from their soil are a variety of fruit trees, nutritious vegetables, erosion-reducing grasses, and healthy legumes.

Now, Regina can gaze upon their once-barren fields now flourishing with life. Thanks to your support and our dedicated team, water didn't just flow into her life—it brought hope, resilience, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.