Stories of Strength
Celebrating Success with Mrs. Alice

A few years ago, we crossed paths with the incredible Mrs. Alice—a beacon of hope for the abused and abandoned youth she teaches at a secondary school in central Kenya. With unwavering passion, Alice shared, “I'm dedicated to empowering the children in my community through education. I love, value, and invest in my work every day to inspire all my students."

In 2022, a remarkable chapter unfolded as Alice joined us in achieving the extraordinary: we dug deep, 259 meters deep, to unearth a flow of fresh, life-saving water! No more long walks for water, and no more worries about her students making it to class.

Today, we are overjoyed to share that Alice and her students are not only sipping on clean water, but they have soared in their studies, experiencing newfound health and happiness.
Alice revealed that, in addition to transforming the lives of 2,600 community members, the crystal-clear water has given local farmers the green light to irrigate their farms, provide food for their families, and combat child malnutrition. The impact is profound, from newfound time, health, safety, to improved nutrition.

Looking forward, Alice and her community aspire to reinvest additional water revenue into goat keeping—another testament to the ripple effect of positive change.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey, empowering remarkable women like Alice, and entire schools, with the life-changing gift of clean water. Let’s continue fostering hope and resilience through clean water all throughout 2024.