SoCal Water Charity Launches Campaign to Empower Over 5,000 People with Clean Water this World Water Day

SoCal Water Charity Launches Campaign to Empower Over 5,000 People with Clean Water this World Water Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Laguna Beach, CA [January 2023] – Laguna Beach based non-profit, With My Own Two Hands (WMO2H), invites a global community of water advocates to join their month-long March celebration of World Water Day.

World Water Day is a United Nations observance day held annually on March 22nd to celebrate the significance of clean water and bring awareness to the two billion people globally living without access to safe water.

This year, WMO2H is using their platform to equip an entire East African community with a deep-drill borehole. This sustainable water project will be a game-changer for over 5,000 community members, providing them with a reliable source of water and transforming their lives in countless ways.

Water is essential for life, and yet over 400 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa still lack access to this essential resource. This project aims to change that, by providing clean water for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation. With a reliable source of water, the community will be able to grow crops, improve their health, and increase their income.

“Clean water is a basic human right, and yet so many people in the world are still denied access to it,” says WMO2H Founder & CEO Lindsey Pluimer. “We are committed to making a difference and are excited to come together as a global community this World Water Day to bring clean water to a community in desperate need.”

WMO2H is inviting individuals and organizations across the globe to support the campaign by making a gift this March. All donations will go directly to the borehole project, and across WMO2H social and digital platforms.

“Clean water is the foundation for good health and economic growth, and this project will make a lasting difference during a time of global economic and climate strife", says Lindsey. “We hope that you will join us in reaching our goal and making a difference in our world.”

For more information on the campaign and to make a donation, please visit or contact Sara Myers, Director of Advancement, at

About With My Own Two Hands

With My Own Two Hands (WMO2H) is a Laguna Beach based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to create a more equitable world through water and agriculture in East Africa (Tax ID: 45-2021595). Founded in 2011, WMO2H has provided 109,949 individuals access to clean water, nutritious food, and socioeconomic opportunities, firmly believing in the importance of these basic necessities for every human. Currently serving 54 communities, WMO2H has implemented 46 clean water projects and 42 regenerative agriculture projects. As a special consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), WMO2H leverages its expertise to make a meaningful impact. Stay updated with the latest news and updates by visiting or following @withmyown2hands on Facebook and Instagram.

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