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Our Impact

We invest in water and agricultural projects that funds education through surplus sales. Our goal is to create self-reliant project and communities through our program model.

How We Work

With My Own Two Hands Foundation partners with projects in Africa that are already investing in the wellbeing and education of children. We implement water and agricultural projects that provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and healthy and diversified foods. Our team works closely with implementing and overseeing each projects that includes quarterly reports.

Our Approach
Our Solutions
Our Impact So Far

With My Own Two Hands Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides water and agriculture projects that fund education and create self-reliant projects and communities.


Children and community members receiving water


Pounds of food grown


Surplus sales generated (US$)


Educational Tuitions funded (through surplus sales)

Where We Work

We fund and implement water and agricultural projects in Africa. We currently have a team on the ground in Kenya that oversees the impact of each project implemented. Each project is first vetted and has to be committed to investing in the education and well-being of children. Each partnered project must also contribute to the project itself along with impact reports.

Our Kenyan Angel, AKA our African Program Director

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A Worthy Investment

An investment in the health and education of children is an investment in a brighter future for us all.

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