Founder's Reflection
A New Chapter of Leadership

Lindsey Pluimer, Founder & CEO
Published on the 22nd of August, 2023
Twelve years ago, when I was in South Africa and confronted by the immense lack of basic human rights, there was no grand plan. All I knew was that I had to do everything within my capacity to help, and this spark ignited a journey beyond my expectations.

Never could I have envisioned that today, twelve years later, I'd be standing alongside my remarkable team and witnessing the astounding growth of With My Own Two Hands. As of now, our commitment has had a profound impact on the lives of over 116,000 individuals across 54 communities in East Africa.

From our initial strides in clean water, to the incorporation of hand-hygiene curriculum, community-based investment training and regenerative solutions. The past 12 years have been marked by an expanded, yet refined scope, and a deepened commitment to vulnerable communities in order to create a more equitable world for all.

In recent years, a driving force behind our expansion has been Sara Myers. Collaborating closely with me, she has been instrumental in helping lead our teams in both the U.S. and Kenya.
Today, I’m thrilled to announce her promotion to the role of Executive Director!

Sara's contributions, expertise, and leadership have been pivotal in our growth. While she has primarily focused on fundraising and strategic partnerships, her new role will also encompass program oversight, ensuring our mission and vision for reaching 500,000 lives in 5 years is achieved. With a background in global gender equity leadership and pioneering behavioral health programs for poverty alleviation, Sara's new role is essential to our progress across East Africa.

"As the newly appointed Executive Director, I am thrilled to lead our team in propelling our work forward. None of our world's most complex issues can be addressed until the most basic human rights are met for all people. The beauty of our work is that it's just that simple, and I'm honored to be a part of this solution," said Sara.
Sara has been my right-hand woman over the past two years, and I eagerly anticipate our continued synergy as we work hand-in-hand to achieve our strategic objectives.

While I myself will maintain my current role as CEO, I will continue working alongside Sara and our team to achieve our collective goals and ensure the sustainable growth of our organization. My focus will shift to higher-level responsibilities, expanding our development and programmatic priorities while remaining actively engaged with our staff, board of directors, and stakeholders.

As cherished supporters, we wanted to personally share this exciting news with YOU. Your unwavering support has been the foundation of our organization’s growth, and we are profoundly grateful for your dedication to sustainable water and agriculture solutions.

Whether you've had the privilege of meeting Sara, or have yet to, I invite you to send her your congratulations at