Join the #3MileChallenge

In East Africa the average walk for water is 3 miles. We invite you to join the #3MileChallenge in solidarity with these communities and, together, we can get active to make a difference.

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What is the #3MileChallenge?

#3MileChallenge Steps

1) Run, walk, or ride 3 miles
2) Contribute to our clean water projects
3) Post a picture or video with @withmyown2hands and #3MileChallenge and challenge 3 friends

Why the #3MileChallenge?

The average walk for water in East Africa is 3 miles.

300+million people lack access to clean water in the region.

Women and children spend an estimated 200 million hours gathering water every day.

With My Own Two Hands challenges you to run, walk, or ride to support communities in East Africa who walk an average of 3 miles for water.

Together, we can help transform more lives with access to clean water.

How to Help

Clean water for 1 person

$30 provides 1 person with water independence.

Clean water for a mother & child

$60 provides a mother access to clean water for her and her child for years to come.


Clean water for a family

$150 provides a family of 5 with access to clean water for years to come.


Clean water for 15 people

$300 provides water independence for over 15 people.