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Why Agriculture?

Food generation projects in developing countries leads to better health and opportunities.

795 million people in the word are suffering from chronic undernourishment

98% of those who suffer from hunger live in developing countries. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under 5, about 3.1 million children each year.

Food is energy and our agricultural projects help give better health to kids and communities in developing countries. Our greenhouse projects allow projects to grow food all year round while shortening the harvest time. These agricultural projects created diversified diets and sustainability. Your investment translates into measurable impact for our partnered projects.

A $2,000 investment provides a 26ft x 49ft greenhouse and a $3,500 investment provides a 26ft x 79ft greenhouse which translates into measurable impact for our partnered projects. Your investment includes a plaque on your greenhouse in your name and impact reports.

Invest In A Greenhouse

agriculture changes

More calories and better nutrition for children and communities.
New Crops
New, diversified crops can be grown all year round. No more filler foods!
Our model ensures that a minimum of 40% of surplus sales gets invested back into the educational tuitions and needs of the children.
Surplus is created and then sold to the nearby community creating additional revenue streams ensuring self-reliance and sustainability.

Sustainability at it’s finest

Once water is provided, our next step is to implement a sustainable agricultural project. We help setup large greenhouses, large farming projects, livestock & fish farms and more that help our partnered projects thrive. The benefits are endless and impacts are seem through our quarterly reports. We also work with an agronomist who helps oversee the productivity and success of the implemented project while teaching projects how to maintain their crops.

Access to quality foods leads to happy and healthier children like Junior. Junior benefits from two large greenhouse projects.

Meet Dennis. Dennis was abandoned by his mother and locked in his home with his siblings without any food or water for days. After being rescued he now thrives at one of our partnered projects with access to water, food, a quality education and lots of love.

Three ways you can become involved.

The heart that gives, gathers

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